His name was Alalu.He was the king of Nibiru yet he lost his kingship to Anu,in a wrestling match.Anu claimed he was of a pure royal seed, yet Alalu shared a similar ancestor of Anu.Fearing his life,Alalu fled to Earth.He secretly knew of Earth.
         Remember,they needed gold for Nibiru's atmosphere,and Alalu dicovered lots of it.Hundreds and hundreds of Anunnaki were dispatched to Earth to mine gold.Mars,which had an atmosphere then, was used as a weigh station,like a rest area for Anunnaki "freight truckers"carrying gold to Nibiru (I drove an 18 wheeler.) But the Anunnaki were not cut out for Eart'h close proximity to the Sun,and Earth's short,fast days(for the Anunnaki).Anu's son enki was by some woods somewhere in the lower Abzu(S.E.Africa).There he spotted primitive man, some 220,000+years ago.Anu's other son,Enlil, Enki's half brother was against the idea of manipulating the primitives DNA.Enlil eventually became the "lord of the Earth",giving him dominion on Earth,after Alalu fought Anu.Once again,this time on Earth.This time though,Alalu fights dirty and bites of Anu's malehood.
      Yes,that is disturbing.This time,Alalu is sent to Mars,where he gets sick and infected,due to him swallowing Anu's phallus,kind of a nose snubbing to Anu,and the most appaling.When Alalu passes,a monument to this "eccentric king"was made in the rocky surface of Cydonia,Mars(the face on Mars)He is supposedly buried there.
       So Earth is now a mining/cloning colony.But the human prototypes can't reproduce(hybrids can't like mules),so what do they do?Divine science is the key.A little science,and seemingly magic.
      Help came by Ningishzidda,or Thoth in Egypt,Mercury in Rome,Hermes in Greece.Ningihzidda is one of Enki's many Anunnaki sons by a concubine.The one and only legitimate royal son is Marduk,Ra Amun in Egypt. Marduk's mother was Damkina,Alalu's daughter.Marduk is my favorite,for I can understand his ambition,and he married a human!That was pretty progressive back then.
His offspring would become famous in Egypt as Osiris, daughter Isis,and Satu(I don't care for him),and grandson Horus.His last son Nabu,or Nebo in Sumerian(Mt Nebo+Moses?).The prophecy bearer,my influence.

        Now,Enki is lord of the waters,for that is where the first gold is extracted.Enki became more accustom to humans, working along side of them,realizing they are very smart with compassion.Enki seems more of a "blue-collar god"than Enlil,actually being in the mines with the "earthlings".I like Enki very much.He never got to be the proper"lord of the Earth", because his mother was a concubine,though he was born first.
        Enlil never cared much for "earthings",as the Anunnaki called humans(of coarse).In the Elohim(or group of deities), Enlil was the"heavy hand of God".He was the punishing God in the Bible,the one whom chose that human perish in the flood. As well as he was Odin,Norse chief god.His oldest son,my least favorite Anunnaki is Ninurta,or known as the angel Gabriel, AND
Thor,Norse god of thunder,war,strength,and Odin's son.It makes sense with Ninurta's fury.Enlil and Ninurta were vicious gods, and they fought constantly with Enki and Marduk,whether politically or in battle.

Marduk with tiamat,riding or defeating "her"
Ningishzidda,also known as Thoth in egypt,mercury in roman,hermes in greek